Tidewater Spiritual Congregation welcomes you to our community!

About Us

TSC is an Interfaith group located in the Tidewater Region of Virginia (Norfolk, VA).

We hold weekly meetings, and hold regularly scheduled celebrations. We are a family group with a high percentage of military involvement.

We do not hold to a particular path other than Spiritualism, but we are an invitation-only group. Please contact us if you would like more information.

While do have a Minister's Training Program, we only accept select applicants and the Training program is lengthy. Please do not contact us if you seek instant Ordination. We provide in-person Ordination *ONLY* - no online or distance Ordinations are offered. No online or distance training programs are available. The average length of training before Ordination is reached is 5 to 7 years of in-person work.

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Community Activities

Various members of TSC are also affiliated with volunteer organizations in the area. We respond whenever possible to needs in our area.

, Norfolk, VA | 757-292-9085